Enhancing Efficiency with Cloud-Managed Meraki SD-WAN & Security

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Baton Rouge, LA –

Lockstep Technology Group (LTG) expands its service offerings with the introduction of two new services, managed Meraki SD-WAN & Meraki Security.

The addition of these services to the provider’s managed solution portfolio establishes a comprehensive Custom Fullstack infrastructure service. This solution empowers clients to optimize IT operations effortlessly while ensuring robust security measures.

By leveraging the sophisticated MX appliances, Meraki SD-WAN delivers seamless coverage across wireless, switching, security, cellular, endpoint devices, security cameras, and IoT devices. All these components are seamlessly integrated into a single, user-friendly platform.

With the advanced features of the Meraki Security offering, clients can configure customizable layers of network security. This includes essential components such as Firewall-as-a-Service and VPN-as-a-service.

The complete Managed Meraki Suite incorporates natively integrated advanced security licensing, featuring next-gen layer-7 firewall, Cisco AMP with Threat Grid, and Cisco Umbrella SIG. Additionally, clients benefit from the expertise of dedicated Cisco-certified LTG engineers. These professionals configure, update, monitor, and support the entire network environment remotely, ensuring seamless operations without on-site interruptions.

For more information on the service, please contact us at 225-761-0088 or email sales@lockstepgroup.com.


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