Driving Districtwide Digital Transformation: Implementing Promethean Technology

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The Situation, Needs, and Challenges

Client: Spartanburg School District Seven
Industry: Education
Locations: Spartanburg, SC

The Challenge:

In 2013, District Seven implemented a digital conversion program that provided equitable access to technology tools through a dynamic 1:1 program that put mobile devices in the hands of every student from grades 6-12. In 2017, the program expanded to all students in grades 2-12. As a more tech-focused and collaborative environment began to develop, existing whiteboard display technology wasn’t keeping up with the district’s needs.

The Solution:

During several listening sessions with teachers, district officials identified the top needs from
educators as being increased mobility, compatibility with current 1:1 technology, reduced calibration issues, and higher screen quality. Promethean was selected as the top education technology provider that could address these challenges. With fervent support from the superintendent and school board, District Seven implemented Promethean’s ActivPanel and additional technology solutions to classrooms across the district.

The Outcome:

By using the ActivPanel alongside solutions like ActivInspire less on delivery and ActivCast wireless content mirroring solutions, educators across the district can now engage students utilizing the 1:1 technology infrastructure. The portable nature of the ActivPanel allows for learning on the go, letting teachers create alternate classroom set-ups, moving
lessons around the campus and facilitating work in smaller groups during a single class period.

Client Success:

By entrusting Lockstep with their technological evolution, District Seven has seen a noticeable difference in their classrooms with more collaboration, sharing, and student-led learning. Identifying technology for District Seven’s digital conversion transformation
was vital for the district, and they feel confident that they placed the right technology in the hands of their teachers and students.

““If you were to take my ActivPanel out of the room, it
would be like losing my right arm. I feel that it plays a very
important role in getting students engaged, creating
a dynamic classroom, and simplifying the utilization
of technology in different ways.”

– Meredith Lockamy, District Seven Teacher


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