solutions under the empower umbrella

Devices: HP, Lenovo, Dell, HP

Interactive Panels: Promethean, Cleartouch, Viewsonic, LG

Digital Signage: Viewsonic, Brightsign

Projectors: Viewsonic, Promethean, Epson

Lecture Capture: Viewsonic, Front Row, Cleartouch

Document Cameras: Hovercam, Quomo

Print Solutions: Hewlett Packard 3D – Dremel

Classroom Furniture: CEF, Bretford, Chief, Peerless-AV

Site Cameras/ Surveillance: Samsara, Meraki, Fortinet

Audio Systems: Frontrow, JBL, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio Enhance-ment, Nady, QSC, Plantronics, Link Integration

Conferencing Solutions: Webex by Cisco, OwlLabs, Lenovo, eGlass, Microsoft, Eleveo, Zoom

Sound Amplification Systems: Frontrow, Audio Enhancement

Virtual/Augmented Reality: Lenovo, HP, Victory XR, Oculus, Vive, Facilitate

eSports: Equipment, Consulting and 3D Rendering

Elevating End-User Devices for Enhanced Productivity

In today’s dynamic work environment, empowering your end users with the right devices is crucial to driving productivity, collaboration, and innovation. At Lockstep, we recognize the significance of providing your teams with cutting-edge technology that enables them to excel in their roles. Our “Empower” approach is the final step in our three-part approach, where we focus on delivering top-of-the-line devices and solutions that empower your workforce to achieve more.

Devices for the Modern Workforce

“Empower” is all about equipping your end users with devices that are tailored to their unique needs. From sleek laptops and versatile tablets to powerful desktops and innovative accessories, our selection of devices is designed to cater to diverse work styles, preferences, and industry demands.

Tailored Solutions, Endless Possibilities

With our “Empower” approach, you can unlock the full potential of your workforce. Whether your teams are working in the office, remotely, or on the go, our devices are designed to enhance their capabilities and enable them to achieve more.

Empowering Your Success

At Lockstep, we believe in being proactive rather than reactive. Our team utilizes advanced monitoring tools and threat detection mechanisms to identify and neutralize potential risks before they become full-blown threats. With continuous monitoring, real-time alerts, and rapid response protocols, we ensure your organization’s security remains one step ahead of cyber adversaries.

Empowering Your Team With the Technology they Need

At Lockstep, we specialize in enhancing user experiences for purpose-driven organizations, paving the way for them to reach their full potential.

Our commitment extends to empowering not only the GEM sectors (Government, Education, and Medical) but also the dynamic commercial industry. Through strategic technology integration, we unlock the potential of individuals and organizations, ushering in an era of optimized performance.

Lockstep Empowers

Lockstep Empowers: Elevate your organization’s potential with Lockstep’s cutting-edge devices and solutions. Our tailored approach equips your workforce with top-of-the-line tools designed to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and drive innovation. From sleek systems to powerful platforms and innovative accessories, our comprehensive selection empowers your teams to excel in today’s dynamic work environment. Unlock a future of endless possibilities with Lockstep Technology Group.