Ingrain security into your organization & unlock your business potential.

Daniel Williams Senior Auditor

Strategic IT Consulting

Tap into the experience and business intelligence you need to craft your strategic IT plan.

IT Risk Management + Security

Secure critical infrastructure and sensitive data with strategic risk evaluation and the tactical application of security technology.

Managed IT + Cloud

Make technology work for your business while increasing productivity and reducing IT complexity.


Next Generation IT Infrastructure Solutions

Lockstep Technology Group is an IT consulting firm that partners with IT leaders in planning, developing, and implementing enterprise-class technology solutions. Lockstep has grown to be an industry leader in information technology through our caliber work, quality of guidance, and the trust of our clients. We offer professional services and…

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The Closed Beta Project

On The Closed Beta podcast we talk to IT and cybersecurity experts, pioneers and influencers about how we can live and grow in the digital age.