About Us

Elevating Your IT Experience

At Lockstep, we focus on aligning our IT solutions with what your organization needs. Imagine us like a well-coordinated band, where every member works in perfect harmony to enhance performance. We’re committed to excellence, evident in our customized technology solutions. Experience the kind of innovation that’s tailored to boost your success.”

Customer-Centric Approach

Lockstep is all about adding value to your organization. Your success matters most to us, so we go above and beyond. We view IT as an essential service tailored to your unique needs. Our solutions are crafted with care, showing how much we value your satisfaction and growth. Rely on us to develop and innovate solutions perfectly suited for you. 

We understand success is a continuous journey. At Lockstep, we focus on constant improvement. Our IT solutions grow with your business, meeting your evolving needs. We’re dedicated to excellence, supporting you at every step to ensure your IT setup helps you reach your goals.

Consider us the conductor of your IT symphony, bringing all parts together in harmony. We’ll march together to innovative solutions, leading to a brighter (and more successful!) future for your business.

Local expertise with a mission-driven focus

We believe being local means more than just being nearby. It's about really knowing what our communities need and face. We get the Southeast's pulse, and we're here to help you at every step.

Our Team


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SVP, Services

Ken Dreon

SVP, Technology



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Director of HR

Business Development

Why Lockstep


We are committed to ensuring that technology runs smoothly 24/7, providing uninterrupted and reliable service to our clients.


With decades of experience in diverse sectors, our team brings exceptional expertise to tackle technology challenges in government, education, healthcare, commercial, and beyond, ensuring the best solutions for our clients.

Your Partner

We aspire to go beyond being a typical vendor; we strive to be an integral part of our clients’ teams, fostering strong, collaborative partnerships that drive success.


We empower organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, allowing them to focus on their core missions while we handle technology-related challenges.

Local Touch

Our dedication to personalized and responsive support ensures our clients benefit from the reliability and expertise of a national technology partner, combined with the considerate, local understanding of our regional-based organization.


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