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Lockstep Technology Group Introduces New Cybersecurity Offering to Help Schools Leverage $5.5M in Grants

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Empowering K12 institutions with Enhanced Cybersecurity Resources through Round 3 of the Safer Georgia Schools Grant

Atlanta, Georgia – Lockstep Technology Group, a leading IT solutions provider, announces its latest cybersecurity offering tailored to assist schools in maximizing the benefits of Round 3 of the Safer Georgia Schools Grant. With a focus on Security Advisory as a Service, Penetration Testing, Tabletop Exercises, and Managed Detection and Response services, Lockstep aims to bolster the cybersecurity readiness of K12 institutions statewide.

The Safer Georgia Schools grant, administered by the Georgia Department of Education, Office of Whole Child Supports, has allocated $5.5 million to enhance cybersecurity resources for local education agencies (LEAs) across Georgia. With individual grants of up to $100,000 per LEA, this initiative underscores the critical importance of safeguarding student data and digital infrastructure in today’s educational landscape amid growing cybersecurity challenges.

“As technology continues to play a vital role in education, we must prioritize the security of our school networks,” said Anders Nessen, President at Lockstep Technology Group. “The Safer Georgia Schools Grant empowers LEAs to strengthen their cybersecurity infrastructure and safeguard student data against evolving threats.”

Under the Stronger Connections guidance, grant funds can be utilized for a variety of cybersecurity initiatives, including risk assessment services, cybersecurity training, and firewall upgrades. LEAs are encouraged to collaborate with district stakeholders to develop comprehensive grant proposals that address their specific cybersecurity needs.

Applications for the Safer Georgia Schools Grant, Round 3, are now open and will be accepted until March 29, 2024, at 5 p.m. Eastern Time. LEAs must submit their proposals online through the below link to be considered for funding:

“Cybersecurity grants like the Safer Georgia Schools Grant offer an invaluable opportunity for LEAs to bolster their cybersecurity defenses. With these funds, schools can leverage advanced solutions like Risk Assessments and Managed Detection and Response to propel their security posture to new heights and safeguard their educational environments,” said Brett Deroche, VP of Cybersecurity at Lockstep Technology Group. “It’s a pivotal moment for schools to invest in their digital resilience and ensure the safety of their students and staff.”

Explore Lockstep Technology Group’s comprehensive security solutions now and discover how we can help you fortify your institution’s cybersecurity posture while maximizing the benefits of this grant.

For more information and to apply for the grant, please visit the Georgia Department of Education Grant Opportunities page here:

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