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A World Beyond Their Neighborhood: Improving Education in Winston-Salem

A sixth-grade student walks along the Great Wall of China as her classmate roams the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Just feet away, another student is exploring the vast expanses of the Milky Way.Virtual reality field trips like these allow East Forsyth Middle School students to travel across miles and millennia without ever leaving their classroom […]

Rock Hill Schools

Top 10 digital district empowers teachers with HP Classroom Manager

Aruba APS Case Study

The Atlanta Public School System recognized that its historic architecture might be ineffective in safeguarding student and staff data and privacy. We were there to help.

Atlanta Public Schools Aruba Case Study

Atlanta Public School’s Infrastructure Upgrade Over the last few years, it became increasingly apparent that the Atlanta Public School District was lagging in digital learning due to problems arising within its outdated networking infrastructure. This created brief stability issues across 93 schools for staff and students. The district’s high standards for education prompted a thorough […]