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Enhancing Efficiency with Cloud-Managed Meraki SD-WAN & Security

Seamless Integration of Network Devices in Modern Business Operations. Concept Networking Solutions, Business Efficiency, Device Integration, Seamless Operations, Modern Technology

Baton Rouge, LA – Lockstep Technology Group (LTG) expands its service offerings with the introduction of two new services, managed Meraki SD-WAN & Meraki Security. The addition of these services to the provider’s managed solution portfolio establishes a comprehensive Custom Fullstack infrastructure service. This solution empowers clients to optimize IT operations effortlessly while ensuring robust […]

Transformyx, LLC Achieves Cisco Powered Service Designations in Multiple Categories

Secure Data Network Digital Cloud Computing Cyber Security Concept. Earth Element Furnished by Nasa

Baton Rouge, LA – Transformyx, LLC (TFMX), also known as Lockstep Technology Group (LTG), celebrates a significant milestone as it achieves Cisco Powered Service designation(s) in various categories. Effective June 08, 2023, Transformyx, LLC, doing business as Lockstep Technology Group (LTG), will be recognized for holding the following Cisco Powered Service designation(s): This achievement underscores […]

How to Improve Students’ Performance With IT

Cutting-edge technology’s impact on the way students learn has reshaped the classroom experience. Better performance in the education arena aligns closely with encouraging students to interact and collaborate creativity. As a result, traditional learning methods – primarily focused on loading students with information – are losing traction in the wake of technological advances coming at […]

Why Schools Should Deploy Smart Security Cameras Over the Summer

For many schools, this summer break looks a little different from previous years. This time, students and teachers will be gearing up to go back to school for the first time in over a year. As the COVID-19 vaccine rollout enables in-person learning to resume full-force, IT teams need to prepare their schools’ infrastructure for […]

Leverage School Funding to Close the Homework Gap

Access to the internet has become a necessity in schools, which makes a student’s lack of internet access at home a critical disadvantage. This homework gap and subsequent learning gap have only grown during the pandemic, where many students without sufficient technology at home fell behind their more technologically equipped peers. Closing the homework gap […]