A World Beyond Their Neighborhood: Improving Education in Winston-Salem

A sixth-grade student walks along the Great Wall of China as her classmate roams the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Just feet away, another student is exploring the vast expanses of the Milky Way.Virtual reality field trips like these allow East Forsyth Middle School students to travel across miles and millennia without ever leaving their classroom […]

14 Best Sources of Funding for your Classroom Technology Vision

Although Congress recently passed a stimulus plan to provide over $50 billion to public schools, school districts across the country will unquestionably still face funding issues. Thankfully, several public companies, as well as some private individuals, are stepping up to the plate and offering both school districts and individual students grants to cover school expenses. […]

Remote and Hybrid Learning Reset

“In tech communities, we consider disruption the way to lead to innovation,” said congresswoman Ayanna Pressley back in 2018. Ms. Pressley certainly wasn’t thinking of COVID-19 when she said those words, but they were an accurate portent of the situation schools throughout the US have found themselves in since the pandemic. Disruption has caused a […]

4 IT Learning Necessities for Hybrid Learning in Classrooms

You don’t need classrooms or campuses for collaboration – education is changing. Students are more digitally engaged than ever before. Because of this, teaching, learning, and administrative decision-making no longer have to take place in-person. Thanks to technology, educators can now collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, students and administrators through a distance-learning setup. But how do […]

IT Tips for K-12 Distance Learning

The recent transition to distance learning has not been easy for many schools. Like traditional classrooms, distance learning relies on several factors to succeed. A successful distance learning setup should incorporate these elements: Flexibility Adjusting to a distance learning setup may take time for students, parents and teachers. Teachers must keep this in mind when […]