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Strategic IT Consulting

Lockstep’s dedication to excellence in IT and refusal to compromise permeates all that we do. We have experience and knowledge in designing, implementing, maintaining, and securing the datacenters and networks of premier businesses and institutions throughout the Southeast and beyond. Because we are engineers first, we choose to support and suggest solutions that we would (and often do) use ourselves.

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IT Risk Management + Security

Your IT infrastructure chain is only as secure as its weakest link. Lockstep’s robust security and risk management practice has risen to the challenges of our most demanding clients. Lockstep protects sensitive data from the threats that keep you up at night, such as equipment failure, human error, natural disaster, zero-day exploits including crypto-variants, and targeted attacks.

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Managed IT + Cloud Solutions

Business is no longer linear. Companies who succeed are companies who can pivot quickly, reallocating resources and expanding or contracting infrastructure as needed. In the past, IT could be a resource hog, adding expensive, cumbersome weight to an organization. Increasingly, technology decision makers are rethinking new hires, large appliance purchases and difficult-to-manage on-premises systems and applications. There is an increased desire to see IT as OPEX, not CAPEX, with a predictable monthly cost. For these situations and many more, engaging an experienced managed service provider and moving services, systems, applications, and infrastructure into the cloud is an intelligent choice. Lockstep can help.

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