Monitoring + Logging

Monitoring and logging are often dismissed or put on a “nice-to-have” list, but a well configured and managed monitoring and logging system is one of the most critical tools of a proactive and responsive IT team. Effective network and device monitoring can give you a clear picture of the health of your environment, and correctly configured alerts can trigger prompt response when they aren’t buried in a flood of false alarms. Lockstep can assist with monitoring, and configuring SIEM logging tools to meet organizational goals and even the most stringent compliance requirements.


Why law firms consider the virtual CISO to augment their team

Let’s make one thing clear from the start. The word “virtual” here does not mean that a vCISO is the equivalent of Siri. It means that the CISO works part-time.Some firms are not quite ready to make the leap. They may be loath to pay a fulltime salary and benefits. And they may only need someone once or twice a week. The vCISO can report to the office or (most likely under current conditions) work remotely.

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