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The QSA’s Guide to Nailing

PCI Level 1


What you need to know about the process, timing, cost and how to work with a QSA to achieve Level 1 Compliance.

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Learn PCI Level 1 Best Practices and How to Avoid Common Mistakes

The growing complexity of PCI Level 1 standards can make it challenging for merchants and service providers to ensure compliance.

Fortunately, our Qualified Security Assessors, or QSAs, can help fill in knowledge gaps and keep you on the right path. In this guide, we will look at different PCI compliance levels, with a focus on Level 1 requirements, as well as how to choose the right Qualified Security Assessor and work with them to build a Report on Compliance or ROC.


“Understanding the PCI Level 1 standards and process is critical to getting the most from your QSA.”


About the Author

Daniel Williams

PCI-DSS Qualified Security Assessor

Daniel Williams brings 18+ years of broad IT experience, specializing in Information Systems Security and auditing. Dan was responsible for the development and deployment of Security Policy Processes, and for ensuring Information Systems Auditing compliance for clients with a diverse portfolio of regulatory requirements: PCI DSS, HIPPA, GLBA, NIST, and SAE 16, among others.

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