The Enemy Within: A Webinar Presentation from Lockstep and Varonis

Lockstep began offering IT security consulting services and solutions several years ago. Our security practice grew as a natural extension of our enterprise datacenter work – over time we were receiving continual requests from our customers to help them assess their security posture and to help them plan and implement IT security policies, procedures, and solutions.

To that end, we have refined over time an arsenal of highly effective technologies from partners that we trust – these are solutions that we interact with daily – so our internal expectations are very high.

Varonis has been a trusted Lockstep partner for several years  and is our go-to solution for unstructured data security – data that is oftentimes your most sensitive while also being your hardest data to keep tabs on. This innovative technology has become part of our internal systems, often included in our exhaustive security assessments that we offer to our clients.

If you are  interested in seeing what Varonis software can do on your networks, if you want to see what sort of things you don’t know about – the state of your unstructured data, who your users and groups are, what their permissions are, and where sensitive data is hiding – varonis does a comprehensive assessment at no cost to you that will show you all of these eye opening things. Please fill out the form below and a trusted Lockstep advisor will be reaching out soon to set up a time for your free assessment. There is no obligation and really no pressure because we believe the tool speaks for itself.

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