Lockstep Technology Group and BridgeTek Solutions to join forces to deliver transformative IT solutions

Lockstep Technology Group, a leading provider of technology solutions will combine with BridgeTek Solutions, a leader in IT solutions to offer a comprehensive portfolio of IT services to its clients including state and local government, education, healthcare, and commercial. 

Lockstep and BridgeTek share a common purpose to provide technology solutions that enable a robust, scalable, innovative, and secure environment for their clients. With combined resources, Lockstep, based in Atlanta, GA and BridgeTek, based in Piedmont, SC will strengthen their market positions in the Southeast and offer their clients turn-key solutions that range from devices to advanced engineering and cybersecurity services. 

Both organizations take pride in being customer-centric and client-obsessed and have partnered with hundreds of organizations over the past decade. “We all experienced the importance of technology in our daily lives over the past year. Our combination accelerates our mission to impact more people by providing a wider suite of technology solutions,” Bill Buchanan, CEO, BridgeTek Solutions. 

“The passion and purpose embodied by the BridgeTek team aligns with everything we do at Lockstep. We’re excited to be able to immediately offer a comprehensive range of technology solutions that can meet your every need.” Mahendran Jawaharlal, CEO, Lockstep Technology Group. 

About Lockstep 

Lockstep Technology Group provides IT solutions and services that enable organizations to focus on their core mission. Lockstep’s mission is to empower and augment technology teams to be strategic enablers in a rapidly changing environment. We eliminate the distractions and complexity of infrastructure, security, and access. We believe today’s technology leaders are co-creators of tomorrow’s strategies in a world that requires technology to optimize outcomes while evolving in real-time through the adoption of new tools. 

About BridgeTek 

BridgeTek Solutions LLC is a leader in IT Solutions specializing in the K-12, Higher Education, as well as the State and Local Government vertical markets. With decades of experience servicing this market, we understand how to deliver innovative, market driven, scalable, and cost-effective total solutions. Our client retention rate which spans several decades underscores our ability to resolve their complex issues with best of class products as well as unmatched design, consulting, engineering, and support services. 

We are a managed IT Services leader. We build our foundation upon innovating and engineering the best possible solutions for our customers because we believe IT, at its core, is customer service.

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