The Closed Beta Project: The current state of E-Rate

This episode of The Closed Beta Project was recorded live at GAMEIS in Savannah, GA. We sat down with Kim Friends, the VP of E-Rate compliance at CSM Consulting, to talk about the current state of E-Rate and the challenges schools and libraries are facing when applying for E-rate.

“The only place that [many students] are accessing these types of advanced technologies are at schools. Because unfortunately, there is still a significant ‘Homework Gap’; we have so many kids leave school to go home to little or no internet access, because either their parents can’t afford it or frankly, because it’s not available in their area. […]They can’t go home and do homework with that type of internet. So it’s critically important that E-Rate program continues to support those experiences for the kids in the classroom and at one point maybe it will do something to help those kids maintain that connectivity when they get home.” – Kim Friends

You can contact Kim Friends, Vice-President, E-Rate Compliance at

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E-Rate program is a vital source of support for connectivity to—and within—schools and libraries. In particular, the E-Rate program provides funding for internal connections, which are primarily used for WiFi, a technology that has enabled schools and libraries to transition from computer labs to one-to-one digital learning.

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FCC is currently seeking comments in regards to the new proposed rules.
Here is the link to access it online from the Electronic Comments Filing System:

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