Setting the pace for IT excellence

Lockstep exists because leaders like you need a trusted partner and a dependable source for technology expertise.

Lockstep Technology Group is an IT consulting firm that partners with IT leaders in planning, developing, and implementing enterprise-class technology solutions. For more than 10 years, Lockstep has delivered uncompromising quality and extraordinary value to our clients.

Through our unwavering commitment to intelligent IT guidance and outstanding services, Lockstep is positioned to be the #1 IT resource for technology leaders who refuse to settle for anything less than IT excellence.

What could you accomplish?

If IT is the backbone of a successful business, then you can’t afford anything less than IT excellence.

By partnering with Lockstep and our deep pool of knowledge, experience, and expertise, you will have the tools you need to meet every business goal and overcome every IT challenge.


Strategic Information Technology Consulting

Tap into the experience and business intelligence you need to craft your strategic IT plan.

IT Risk Management and Security

Secure critical infrastructure and sensitive data with strategic risk evaluation and the tactical application of security technology.

Managed IT and Cloud Solutions

Make technology work for your business while increasing productivity and reducing IT complexity.

You're only as strong as your weakest link.

Let’s help you build up your IT defenses.